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How To Start Selling on FlexMART®

In order to upload / list a product, you will need to register an account. 

You can list 1 product for free on the StarterFLEX Package... this allows sellers to get a feel of the platform and set up up their store... 

Watch this quick video Tutorial on how to get started... 

How To do Set Up A Meeting?

Watch this video tutorial on how to set up a live video conference, class or podcast... 

When will i receive my order?

Orders are usually processed on the same day as payments are near instant on the Ethereum blockchain. 

There are 2 shipping options:

FlexSPEED® | Powered By Local Couriers

This is a same-day delivery service depending on buyer location and seller location.

FlexPAK® | Powered By Local Couriers

This is a standard localized shipping which take around 2-5 Days

DHL International

If Your Country is listen below kindly select DHL International.

What is the TX3® Token?

The Tx3® Token is light weight yet powerful ERC20 Token built in a decentralized smart contract. The Token can be used to purchase products on the FlexMART® Markeplace, Book flights and Vacations, as well as earn Token holders a 10% dividend share of every token bought & sold. Its sole purpose is to create value through a decentralized ecosystem powered by its users...  

Watch this Video Tutorial on how to interact with the TX3® Smart Contract

How do i Join The FlexCOMMUNITY Server?

As BitFlex FinTech is built with the community in mind. We set up our own community server where users can interact, share learn and even contribute to the ecosystem. 

Watch this video Tutorial on how to Join the Community.

Who will deliver my order?

Depending on your location and time of order, your order will be delivered by our partner couriers quick fast sharpish!

To track your order simply login to your ACCOUNT>USER PANEL> TRACK ORDER

New to the FlexCONNECT®? Lets get started

This Video Tutorial will guide you on how to set up your FlexCONNECT® Account and schedule a meeting. 

Which payments do you support?

The BitFlex Ecosystem is built on the Ethereum Blockchain, so you will need to create an Ethereum Wallet/Address and install Metamask to interact with the Tx3® Smart Contract. 

When making a payment, Metamask will pop up for you to confirm your transaction.

Do I Have To Pay for Membership?

Membership is FREE on the FlexCOMMUNITY® Server. 

Simply Register and you're in!

Introduction What is FlexMART®

FlexMART® is Africas 1st decentralized marketplace for businesses and individual sellers sell products online while learning about cryptocurrency. To enable a true Community Token built on the Ethereum Blockchain. With an open Source Code, our goal is to empower Tx3® Token holders to benefit from the ecosystem. As the Community grows, we strive to be the digital proxy. 

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